BOOK REVIEW: 7 Keys to Becoming a Better Performer: A Book For Fellow Pro-Wrestlers by Mike Quackenbush

I’ve been a fan of Mike Quackenbush since the first time I saw him wrestle in some independent match on a video file I downloaded from some forum. It doesn’t take long to see that he is a very gifted pro wrestler. He also may be the greatest wrestling mind of his generation. If you don’t think so, you’ll know it after you read his book, 7 Keys to Becoming a Better Performer: A Book For Fellow Pro-Wrestlers.

Quackenbush has made many contributions to professional wrestling as a wrestler, a trainer, a booker, etc. If enough current and future wrestlers read his book, he’ll deserve to be in every Hall of Fame for that alone.

This book can absolutely make you a better pro wrestler, or any other kind of performer. Even if you’re just a fan of pro wrestling, however, you can apply Quackenbush’s advice to whatever it is you do that you want to be successful at.

I’m an academic historian. On the surface, that’s about the furthest thing from a professional wrestler that a person can be. I read books you’ve never heard of and study old documents. But am I not also a performer? I have to get over with a hiring committee to get a job. I have to get over with editors to get my work published. I have to get over with my students. If I’m lecturing about the Civil War and half of my students are watching YouTube videos instead of paying attention to me, then I did not perform well enough to get over to my audience.

Quackenbush doesn’t just explain how pro wrestling works. He explains how stories work – and most of the word HISTORY is STORY. He clearly describes the basic concepts of narrative through well-known examples such as Star Wars and such clearly defined characters as Superman.

7 Steps to Become a Better Performer is not just a handbook for professional wrestlers. Quackenbush explains how to build success and how to embrace failure. This is a handbook for life.

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